• Contains Natural Vitamin E
  • Rapid and Easy Absorption
  • Activates Cells For Heightened Sensation
  • Extended Duration Spray (Timing Almost 20-30 minutes)
  • Reduces Sensitivity
  • Increases Time and Stamina
  • Helps Prevent Premature Ejaculation
  • Potent and Strong Delay Spray




Spectacular Eros Spray In Pakistan 45ML – EROS Long-Lasting Timing Delay Spray for Men – Your Ultimate Passion Enhancement Solution!

Elevate Climactic Bliss:

Discover the art of prolonging sexual excitement – a symphony of shared pleasure that transcends time. EROS Delay Spray isn’t just a product; it’s a ticket to unlocking intensified climaxes and extended connection. Ignite the flame of desire and set the stage for extended lovemaking that will leave you both utterly fulfilled. Eros spray price in Pakistan can vary between PKR 1200 to PKR 1500

Your Gateway to Long-Lasting Love:

Experience the transformational power of EROS Delay Spray. Best applied externally and designed for vaginal intercourse, spray seamlessly integrates into your intimate routine. Before engaging in passion, simply cleanse your penis, apply a thin layer of spray, and let anticipation build. Prepare for an encounter that’s poised to transcend the ordinary.

Eros Spray Specifications:

  • Expiry: October 2026
  • Origin: Made in England
  • Quantity: 45 ml

Dosage and Usage:

  • For external use only and intended for vaginal intercourse.
  • Start by washing your penis.
  • Apply a delicate layer to the center of your penis using your fingertips; no massage required.
  • Apply 15 minutes prior to intercourse for optimal results.

Package Includes:

1x EROS Long Timing Delay Spray For Men 45ML

Experience the heights of pleasure and intimacy like never before with EROS Spray for Men. Elevate your passion, extend your pleasure, and forge unforgettable connections with your partner. Embrace the journey to extended ecstasy today!


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