• Ribbed, Dotted with Delay Lubricant
  • Intense Pleasure Pack
  • Electronically Tested
  • Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies




Introducing the DO Condom 3in1 Ribbed Dotted Timing Condom: Enhance Your Intimate Experiences

Experience heightened pleasure and satisfaction with the Do 3-in-1 Condom Pack. This pack includes three types of condoms, each designed to provide unique sensations and maximize pleasure.

Dotted Condom: Sensational Stimulation

  • Textured surface adorned with strategically placed dots for heightened pleasure
  • Provides tantalizing stimulation and intensifies every movement and touch
  • Designed to enhance pleasure for both partners, creating unforgettable experiences

Timing Condom: Extend Your Intimate Moments

  • Specially formulated lubricant helps delay ejaculation for longer-lasting pleasure
  • Gives you control over your pleasure and allows for exploration of new depths of passion
  • Empowers you to confidently enjoy extended intimacy

Ribbed Condom: Thrilling Sensations

  • Unique ribbed texture for an enhanced experience
  • Each ridge adds a new dimension of pleasure and stimulation
  • Maximizes sensations for both partners, delivering waves of ecstasy

Premium Quality and Reliable Protection

  • Made from premium quality materials, meeting the highest safety standards
  • Electronically tested for reliable protection against unwanted pregnancies and STIs
  • Offers a comfortable fit and natural sensations for an enjoyable experience

Easy to Use and Comfortable

  • User-friendly design ensures ease of use during intimate moments
  • Provides a comfortable fit for maximum pleasure and peace of mind
  • Allows for a natural and intimate connection with your partner

Order Your DO 3in1 Ribbed Dotted Timing Condom Pack Today

Elevate your intimacy and make every encounter a memorable one. Experience the ultimate satisfaction and protection with the Do 3-in-1 Condom Pack. Order yours today and embark on a journey of pleasure like never before.


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