Durex Performa 3’s condoms

Durex Performa condoms use a special lube to delay climax and help intimacy last longer

  • Nominal width 52mm
  • Special lubricant to help last longer
  • Containing benzocaine 5%
  • Transparent, lubricated and teat ended
  • Straight walled shape
  • Dermatologically tested
  • 100% electronically tested

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Durex Performa 3’s condoms

Elevate your intimate experiences with Durex Condoms Performa Longer Lasting Timing Condoms, the perfect solution for those looking to extend the pleasure and make the most of their special moments. Our commitment to your satisfaction and safety shines through in every aspect of this exceptional product.

durex performers

Key Features:

  1. Extended Pleasure: Durex Performa Longer Lasting Timing Condoms are designed to help you take your intimate encounters to new heights. Crafted with a special delay lubricant, these condoms are engineered to slow down climax, helping you and your partner prolong your shared moments of passion.
  2. Comfort and Fit: We understand that comfort is crucial for the ultimate pleasure. These condoms are contoured for a snug, natural fit, ensuring that you can focus on the experience without distractions. The comfortable design enhances your connection and intimacy.
  3. Easy Application: With Durex, convenience is paramount. Performa Condoms are easy to unroll, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your partner. No interruptions, just a smooth, uncomplicated process.
  4. Enhanced Sensation: While extending pleasure, these condoms don’t compromise on sensation. The special delay lubricant heightens your experience, intensifying sensations for both partners. The result? More pleasure, connection, and shared delight.
  5. Discreet Packaging: Durex Performa Longer Lasting Timing Condoms come in a discreet and elegant package, making them easy to carry and use whenever and wherever you desire.


  • Brand: Durex
  • Express delivery: All Over Pakistan
What’s in the box:  1 x Durex Performa 3 condoms


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