Benefits: Supportive to improve physical and nervine weakness. Rejuvenate strength, vigor, and vitality

Suggested Use: 1 capsule with milk after breakfast. For specific needs, take 2 capsules with milk 2 hours before intercourse.

Packing: 10 capsules in Blister Pack (1×10’s).
100 capsules in HDPE  jar.

Note: Avoid hot, sour, curdy, and spicy food.




Imsaki Jawahar Capsule: Unlock Your Sexual Vitality with Nature’s Power

Indulge in the ultimate sexual tonic provided by Imsaki Jawahar Capsule. This unique formulation is designed to regulate the functions of sexual hormones and unleash the power of its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. With its profound effects on both behavioral and pharmacological interventions, it has been found to be beneficial for conditions like nocturnal emissions and premature ejaculation.

Ingredients included:

  • Nutmeg (48.4 mg)
  • Oak Galls (48.4 mg)
  • Olibanum Gum/Mastic (48.4 mg)
  • Mesu (48.4 mg), Mace (48.4 mg)
  • Silk Cotton Tree Gum (48.4 mg)
  • Gum Gugal (48.4 mg), Betel-Nut (48.4 mg)
  • Bomboo Manna (48.4 mg)
  • Henbane (48.4 mg)
  • Lesser Cardamom (12 mg)
  • Jawahar Mohra (4.8 mg)

Key Benefits:

  • Specific medicine for sexual and nervine weakness, spermatorrhoea, and nocturnal emission
  • Potentiates the functioning of vital organs, enhancing overall well-being

Dosage: Take 1 to 2 capsules at bedtime with milk or as directed by a physician. Unlock the secrets of this powerful herbal blend and experience the transformation it brings.

Side Effects: Imsaki Jawahar Capsule is a time-tested herbal product that is free of any side effects. Rest assured as you embark on this journey towards enhanced sexual vitality.

Packaging Options:

  • 10 capsules in a blister pack (1×10’s) for convenient use.
  • 100 capsules in an HDPE container, ensuring a lasting supply.

Shelf Life: Use within 3 years from the date of manufacturing to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness.

Storage: Store Imsaki Jawahar Capsule in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, and out of the reach of children. Embrace the natural power within and embark on a journey to revitalize your sexual health with Imsaki Jawahar Capsule.


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