• 100% Genuine Product
  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Helps In Boost Sexual Performance
  • No Side Effects
  • Only For External Use




Viga 880000 Delay Spray 45ml

Viga 880000 Delay Spray for Men Control Sensitivity of the penis when sprayed onto the penis and works within 15-20 minutes after spraying. After use, you can have sexual intercourse up to 10 times longer than before. Known as Stud Spray for your ability to last longer and please your lucky lady by giving her multiple orgasms. Viga 880000 Extra Strong Delay Spray is recommended for anyone who has difficulty achieving complete sexual intercourse satisfaction due to premature ejaculation

Key Features:

  1. Effective Delay: The Viga 880000 Delay Spray is prepared to help delay ejaculation, allowing you to extend your intimate moments and heighten pleasure for both you and your partner.
  2. Enhanced Performance: Elevate your sexual performance with confidence. Viga Delay spray is designed to provide you with the tools to achieve longer-lasting and more satisfying experiences.
  3. Discreet and Convenient: The compact 45ml bottle is discreet and easy to carry, ensuring that you can enjoy its benefits whenever and wherever you desire.
  4. Easy Application: The spray nozzle allows for precise application, making it effortless to incorporate into your routine. Simply apply a few sprays to the desired area before intimacy, and allow the formula to work its magic.
  5. Premium Quality: Crafted with care and quality in mind, the Viga 880000 Delay Spray is formulated using premium ingredients to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

How to use:

  1. Shake the bottle well before use.
  2. Apply 1-3 sprays of the delay spray to the head and shaft of the penis, or as directed by a healthcare professional.
  3. Allow a few minutes for the spray to be absorbed and take effect.
  4. Enjoy prolonged pleasure and heightened intimacy.


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