• Experience prolonged pleasure with Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms, designed for extended intimacy.
  • Enhanced lubrication with Benzocaine helps delay ejaculation, ensuring longer-lasting enjoyment.
  • Each condom undergoes rigorous testing to meet Durex’s high standards of quality and reliability.
  • Enjoy heightened sensation and confidence in protection with this pack of 12 premium condoms.
  • Elevate your intimate experiences with Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms, the perfect choice for maximizing pleasure and satisfaction.




Introducing Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms – 12 Pieces: Elevating Intimacy

Experience Prolonged Pleasure with Advanced Technology

Discover Unmatched Sensation and Safety

Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms offer an unparalleled experience in protection and pleasure. With a pack of 12 condoms, you can explore extended intimacy with confidence and satisfaction.

Enhanced Lubrication for Lasting Satisfaction

Crafted with advanced lubrication containing Benzocaine, these condoms help delay ejaculation, ensuring longer-lasting pleasure without compromising sensation. Feel the heightened intimacy as you and your partner indulge in prolonged enjoyment.

Quality Assurance for Peace of Mind

Each condom undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Rest assured, Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms provide the same level of protection you expect from Durex, allowing you to focus solely on pleasure and intimacy.

Elevate your intimate moments with Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms and unlock a new realm of satisfaction and excitement.


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