Long-lasting performance enhancement
Natural vitamin-E formula
Safe and easy application
Boosts confidence
Improves overall performance




Dooz 44000 Dragon’s Delay Spray

Increase Your Confidence

Boost your confidence the bedroom with the Super Dooz 44000 Men Timing Delay Spray. This specially formulated spray is designed to help you increase and delay your timing by up to 45 minutes. Made in Germany, this high-quality product is sure to satisfy both you and your partner.

Vitamin-E Formula for Enhanced Performance

Packed with a vitamin-E formula, this delay spray not only helps you last longer but also nourishes your skin. The added benefits of vitamin-E can improve your overall performance and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Easy to Use

Applying the Super Dooz 44000 Men Timing Delay Spray is a breeze. Simply spray 2-3 puffs at the top of the penile area 25 minutes before engaging in any activity. With no side effects, you can enjoy a worry-free experience and focus on the moment.


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